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At Forster Street pet store we stock a massive range of family pets. We have a wide variety of Hamsters, Chinchilla's, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Kittens. We can supply small starter pet kits that are ideal for a young child. We also sell a large variety of birds - including Canary's, Budgiergars and Parakeets. We can supply all the necessary cages, food and advice on how to look after your new pet in the correct manner.

Pet Rabbit
Forster Street - Reptiles

Our specialist staff will be able to assist you in the choice of your cold blooded pet. With over 35 years experience in the supply of all pets, we will be able to offer you expert advice to enable you to choose the right reptile. We stock a wide variety of Snakes, Lizards and Turtles.

Boa Constrictor

We stock a selection of finest quality vivarium's, ranging from small starter kits for the first time buyer to larger set up's, we offer a part exchange service for all vivarium's. Within the store we sell both live and frozen food for all types of reptiles.

For a full and comprehensive list of products that we stock visit:
Please contact us for competitively reduced rates on any products you may find on the above sites.

Fish, Insects & Spiders

We can provide a wide variety of insects. Be it a 'Preying Mantis' or a any type of Stick insect, if we don't stock it, we will be able to acquire one on your behalf. We provide everything from Scorpions to Giant Land Snails, the list is endless. Rat Within the store you will also find a variety of Spiders, our Tarantula varieties include: Red Knee's, Cameroon Browns, Pinktoe's, , Curly Haired, Goliath's, Ivory Ornamentals.
We also stock a wide variety of cold water fish, tanks and water treatment kits of all types. Tarantula