Forster Street Pet & Reptile Centre

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Preying Mantis
Forster Street Pet & Reptile Center, has been supplying pets and supplies since 1973. In that time owner Steve Edwards has seen many other pet stores come and go. The enduring nature of Forster Street Pets lies in the individual attention that is paid to each customer.
Corn Snake
As a small independent business you will not see the same approach that takes place in many of the "Pet Supermarkets" that are appearing throughout the region.
So if you are in need of a special pet or pet supplies simply Click Here and drop us an e-mail to see if we can help.

Forster Street - Pet Supplies

At Forster Street Pet & Reptile Centre we stock a huge range of pet supplies. Everything from dog baskets to fish tanks. We stock a wide range of pet starter kits for hamsters and mice, tanks for fish and snakes. With our expertise and knowledge we are sure that you'll find what you are looking for.

Cold Water Fish Tank

Forster Street Market Store

As well as having a specialized pet and tackle store, we also run a market stall that operates on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Tunstall Market
On the market you will find a large range of pet foods and pet accessories. We stock foods for dogs to hamsters, cats to fish and food for many types of birds both domestic and wild.
Also on the stall you'll find a selection of dog baskets, hamster / guinea pig cages, rabbit hutches - both ready made and flat packed and just about everything you'll need for the care of your pet.